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Free CCNP GNS3 Lab Advanced OSPF in Multiple Areas

In this Free CCNA Lab you will learn to configure OSPF in multiple areas. You will configure OSPF over a Frame-Relay WAN as well as over two other Frame-Relay connections. You will also you will learn to configure OSPF on a multi-access network. You will also learn to use the OSPF election process to determine […]

Free CCNP GNS3 Lab Configuring OSPF in Multiple Areas

This Free CCNP Lab scenario is configured using GNS3 and contains four routers, routers R1 and R2 form OSPF Area-1 and routers R3 and R4 form the backbone OSPF Area-0. The link between router R2 and R4 form OSPF Area-2; this is a virtual┬álink and is used to connect the discontiguous Area-1 to the backbone […]

Free CCNA GNS3 Lab Configuring OSPF in a Single Area

In this Free CCNP Lab you will configure OSPF routing on two Cisco 3660 routers using a class B network address of subneted with a class C subnet mask of . You will also configure a number of loopback interfaces to populate the routing table. I have included an un-configured GNS3 topology and […]

Basic OSPF Configuration GNS3 Lab

In this lab I’ll show you how to configure a simple multi area OSPF network using four routers. As per the network diagram we will have 3 OSPF areas, our backbone area 0, and area’s 10 and 20. Routers R1 and R2 are both known as an Area Border Router’s (ABR) because they are both […]

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