Free CCNP GNS3 Lab Configuring OSPF in Multiple Areas

This Free CCNP Lab scenario is configured using GNS3 and contains four routers, routers R1 and R2 form OSPF Area-1 and routers R3 and R4 form the backbone OSPF Area-0. The link between router R2 and R4 form OSPF Area-2; this is a virtual link and is used to connect the discontiguous Area-1 to the backbone Area-0. Routers R2 and R4 are referred to as Area Border Routers (ABRs) because more than one area is configured on each router. OSPF includes a number of router types. The following is a list of available types:

  • Internal: These routers reside totally within a single area, and maintain the OSPF database and forwarding data to other networks.
  • Area Border Router (ABR): Theses routers are responsible for connecting two or more areas together within a network. The ABR contains the full topological database of each area to which they are connected, and send this information to other areas.
  • Autonomous System Border Routers: ASBRs connect to the outside world and are used to perform redistribution into OSPF.
  • Backbone Routers: Backbone routers are connected to Area 0, also known as area Backbone routers can be internal routers and ASBRs.

Download this lab now:

  OSPF-MultiArea (106.5 KiB, 2,276 hits)

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