Free CCNP GNS3 BGP Lab-3

In this free CCNP GNS3 lab we will be exploring BGP confederation as well as some filtering using prefix-list and route-map.  In this lab the company, AS 65505 consisting of two routers running BGP in the core, and is connected to 2 ISP’s – AS65501 and AS6504. Each router has a loopback which will be advertised. R1 is; R4 is and so on. All iBGP and intra-confederation peers will be peered using the loopback IP addresses.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and configure BGP confederation.
  • Use Loopbacks as the update source.
  • Understand and configure prefix-list.
  • Understand and configure route-map.

BGP confederations allow your BGP deployment to scale quite nicely internally. Remember the rule of BGP split horizon – i.e. a BGP router learning a route from an iBGP peer will not advertise that to another iBGP peer. Confederations can help with this, as each intra-confederation connection is actually a special eBGP peering and not a regular iBGP peer.

BGP confederations can also help with splitting up your IGP domains. IGP’s like EIGRP or OSPF cannot scale to gigantic routing table sizes. IGP’s also put more emphasis on convergence speed as opposed to stability like BGP.

The following link is an excellent BGP confederation tutorial:

Download this lab now to see more:

  CCNP GNS3 BGP Lab-3 (218.2 KiB, 2,319 hits)

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