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Free CCNP GNS3 BGP Lab-3

In this free CCNP GNS3 lab we will be exploring BGP confederation as well as some filtering using prefix-list and route-map.  In this lab the company, AS 65505 consisting of two routers running BGP in the core, and is connected to 2 ISP’s – AS65501 and AS6504. Each router has a loopback which will be […]

Free CCNP GNS3 BGP Lab 2

The purpose of this free GNS3 CCNP lab is to help understand BGP implementation and configuration in Cisco IOS routers. In this lab we will explore some additional technologies including peer groups, route reflection community attributes, and path control.

Free CCNP GNS3 BGP Lab 1

This lab is designed to help you understand BGP implementation and configuration on Cisco IOS routers. Additionally we will configure other BGP technologies such as route reflectors, route-maps, and security.

CCNP GNS3 Lab BGP Summary Address

In this Free CCNP Lab we will use the previous GNS3 configured BGP lab and will expand on it by creating a summary address for the network using the Cisco IOS command aggregate-address. The aggregate-address ip-address mask [summary-only] [as-set] router configuration command is used to create an aggregate or summary, entry in the BGP […]

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