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Free CCNP GNS3 Lab BGP Route Reflector

One important point to remember about iBGP relationships is that iBGP assumes that all of the routers within a single AS are fully meshed. That is, each router is peered to every other router within the same AS. The purpose of this is namely to fix any issues around loop prevention. You’ll recall the BGP […]

CCNP GNS3 Lab BGP Summary Address

In this Free CCNP Lab we will use the previous GNS3 configured BGP lab and will expand on it by creating a summary address for the network using the Cisco IOS command aggregate-address. The aggregate-address ip-address mask [summary-only] [as-set] router configuration command is used to create an aggregate or summary, entry in the BGP […]


This is first lab in a new Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) series that I will be posting over the next few months. In this lab we will start with some very basic BGP configuration. If you are new to BGP you need to know that each BGP router belongs only to one Autonomous System (AS), […]

GNS3 Lab Basic BGP Configuration

In this Free CCNP Lab we will use GNS3 to model a small network consisting of 3 interconnected Cisco routers. We will configure Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing protocol on the all routers and place one router in autonomous systems (AS) 64512 and the other two in autonomous systems (AS) 64513.

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