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Free CCNP GNS3 Lab OSPF in a Single Area

You are responsible for configuring the new network to connect your company’s engineering, marketing, and accounting departments, represented by the loopback interfaces on each of the three routers. The physical devices have just been installed and connected by Fast Ethernet and serial cables. Configure OSPF to allow full connectivity between all departments. 

Free CCNP GNS3 Lab Advanced Redistribution

In this Free CCNP Lab GNS3 scenario you will configure five routers in four different autonomous systems using two dynamic routing protocols OSPF and EIGRP. The completed design goal is to insure full IP connectivity to all interfaces. You will use Ping and show commands to verify the configuration and connectivity of the network.

Free CCNP GNS3 Lab Configuring IBGP EBGP

In this Free CCNP Lab you will configure IBGP and EBGP across four routers as shown in the accompanying network diagram. OSPF is configured between R1 and R2. To insure a loop free topology we will not disable synchronization on any router. Ensure the loopback address on R1 and R2 are reachable via R3 and […]

Free CCNP GNS3 Lab Redistribution EIGRP to OSPF

In this lab we will learn to redistribute EIGRP into OSPF and vice versa. This lab is configured use three routers R1, 2, and 3 as shown in the included network diagram. EIGRP is configured on R1 and 2 OSPF is also configured on R2 as well as R3 as OSPF Area 0. OSPF Area […]

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