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Free CCNP Lab Configuring EtherChannel

EtherChannel is a port link aggregation technology or port-channel architecture that allows grouping of several physical Ethernet links to create one logical Ethernet link for the purpose of providing fault-tolerance and high-speed links between switches. An EtherChannel can be created from between two to eight active Fast, Gigabit Ethernet ports; with an additional one to eight inactive (failover) […]


This lab will help you better understand basic VL AN, VTP, DTP and STP implementation and configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches. In this lab we will be configuring four switches in a fault tolerant configuration. You will practice what you have learned in previous labs by doing basic switch configuration such as hostname, password and […]

Basic EIGRP Configuration GNS3 Lab

This lab scenario covers basic EIGRP; you will configure the EIGRP routing process over 5 routers using Ethernet and Serial links. You will also use various commands to verify the configuration and check connectivity. This lab scenario has been created as a Cisco as a GNS3 Lab but can be completed using Cisco Packet Tracer […]

Basic EIGRP Troubleshooting GNS3 Lab

In this Free CCNP Lab we will learn to do basic troubleshooting of EIGRP using the preconfigured GNS3 Scenario included in the download. This scenario has 4 routers connected via Frame-Relay in a hub and spoke topology using sub-interfaces. You will use commands lake show ip interfaces, show frame-relay pvc, show ip eigrp neighbors, and […]

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